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Destination Wedding Photography

Epic Lake Garda wedding photography, with the brilliant Nat + Nik. Stunning scenery, incredible venues and the most perfect weather you could possibly imagine.

 I always feel so incredibly lucky when I am invited to cover a wedding abroad. So much trust by the couple to capture that perfect story of their day. So I naturally jumped at the chance to shoot some Lake Garda wedding photography.

Lake Garda itself is located in the north of Italy near the stunning city of Verona. A stunning swath of water cutting through the mountains. Punctuated by some of the most picturesque towns I have ever visited. The ceremony itself was to be held in the beautiful town of Malcesine at the postcard perfect Malcesine Castle

The day began with Nat getting ready at one of the lovely local hotels in the centre of the town. Despite some serious wind the days before the sun was out and was set to be a stunning day.

I met Nik at the foot of the castle, as he greeted their lucky friends and family who had traveled across from the Uk to celebrate their day.

Once everyone had arrived they made their way up the old cobbled steps to the towering castle above.

Guests waited at the stunning open air ceremony space as Nat made her way up the ancient steps to the waiting Nik. After exchanging their vows under the clearest sky I had ever seen. Guests along with the couple enjoy a refreshing glass of Champagne in the shade. Before making their way down to the lake side restaurant for the wedding breakfast.

After dining with their friends and family, I joined Nat and Nik as they soaked up the last of the falling light along the edge of the lake. Once the sun had set we made our way back through the stunning cobbled streets of the town. To the walled topped bar where everyone had gathered to enjoy the rest of the spectacular day.

Huge thank you’s to Nat & Nik for inviting me to cover their Lake Garda wedding photography and to tell the incredible story of their day.

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