Claire + Toby

Hampshire Wedding Photography

Clock Barn Wedding photography with the lovely Claire & Toby, at the stunning Clock Barn set within the stunning rolling hills of the Hampshire countryside

The Clock Barn is an incredible venue and have had the opportunity to tell Clock Barn wedding photography stories on a number of occations now. Set within the beautiful rolling hills of the Hampshire countryside, the Clock Barn is that quintessential converted barn venue that is every photographers dream, from the stunning surrounding views to the brilliant quirky details of the the Clock Barn itself.

From when I first arrived at Claire and Toby’s lovely little home on the outskirts of southampton I knew this day was going to be brilliant, walking up the road it didn’t take me long to spot the house. The one with the Wedding dress in the window perhaps.

From that point the day just kept getting better and better, the stunning DIY brooch bouquet for example was carefully made by claire herself with personal broches donated by members of her family.

After what was a wonderful ceremony, everyone moved out into the beautiful grounds of the Clock Barn to enjoy the warmth of what was a perfect late spring day. This gave me a chance to sneak back in shoot some of the incredibly personal wedding details. Every detail was so stunningly thought through by the couple, so much colour, so many personal touches, every square inch such a visual treat.

After taking the couple out on to the rolling surrounding hills to take full advantage of the last few rays of golden light, Claire and Toby arrived back at the Clock Barn to party on until the evening.

It was such an incredibly fun and personal celebration I felt so honoured to be a part of such an amazing day. The biggest thank you to Claire & Toby themselves for inviting me to shoot their Clock Barn wedding photography and to tell their incredible story.

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