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maybe a little of our story


. . . . before you invite me to tell your story, maybe I could tell you a little of mine . . . .

I’m Sam and I love stories . . . . Unfortunately though I have never really been very good with words, instead turning to a camera to be the pen and my images to tell the story.

Photography for me all started when I was growing up, when at the age of 7 I managed to ‘borrow’ my Dad’s old Pentax MG to document the construction of my first proper treehouse. Even then I relished in the challenge of telling the story of its progress – trying to make the most of every frame as each section of the build was fixed together and slowly winched into place. Sadly the treehouse has not withstood the test of time, but my love for storytelling through imagery has certainly endured.

Fast-forward, and after an obligatory stint in London and a brief career in architecture, I am now back in the New Forest where it all began, in a little house in a lovely town by the sea.

Along the way my family has grown. Firstly with my incredibly beautiful and inexplicably patient and understanding wife Lou. We met/didn’t meet at a festival over 7 years ago, and haven’t spent much time apart since. She is the single most positive thing in my life and I love her more and more each day. Lou is also the most amazing mum to our son Bert.

At 2-and-a-bit years old, Bert is the most recent addition to our little family but already a legend in the making and a keen storyteller himself (currently favouring trains and music as his medium). And finally there is Betty, our long-suffering, bike-riding, bodyboarding Cockerpoo.

Oh and let’s not forget Pinky and Dave, our hard as nails Rabbits.


Having grown up in the New Forest I am at home in the outdoors –  frequently traipsing around the forest with Bert in tow, or undertaking epic treks across mountains with everything on my back. I love it, and it has always been a massive inspiration to me and my work.

I believe the best Wedding Photography should be a true rendition of the people – the characters in the story – with moments captured as they happen.

Which is why being a part of that memory is such a privilege. Once the wine has been drunk and the food has been eaten, last orders rung and carriages away…When all this is done, it’s the story that remains.

It’s for this reason that I can honestly say that with every wedding I shoot, every story I tell, I feel like the luckiest person in the world . . . .

So if you would like to learn more about my packages or get in touch to chat about your story then please don’t hesitate to get in touch 

New Forest Wedding Photographer Branding Antlers

. . . . and recently we welcomed a new member to our little family, this is Ethel’s Story . . . .

New Forest Studio branding the Bear

. . . . a few more little things that make me, well me . . . .

I love nothing more than getting out in the great outdoors with a tent on my back. Hiking into the middle of nowhere and pitching up on the side of a mountain.

My bike is one of my most favourite things I own, she is a beaut, and even has a basket on the back for the dog.

Am a bit obsessed with all things Nordic; so was rather excited when Lou and I had a little trip to Iceland this year.

I have always wanted a tattoo but never gotten around to getting one. Yet.

LOVE the band’s: Sigur Ros, Cinematic Orchestra and Arcade Fire; music from all of which featured at our little wedding.

I planned most of our wedding as Lou was working on her GTP Teacher Training, so definitely know how much work goes into planning one.

Having once worked in architecture I am rather keen on geometry, proportion and composition.

Because of the previous, I love all and every Wes Anderson movie.

I love going to new places but have only recently had the opportunity to travel so am ticking them all off slowly.

I have had a beard since I could grow one, not because it’s cool, because I have a wierd boy face without it.

Up until 4 weeks before my wedding I had hair like a renaissance Jesus! seriously!

I wasn’t very good at school, had to retake English 3 times! But I managed to make it through uni and come out with a 1st in Architecture.

I love cooking, especially with my main man Bert.

I used to shoot festival’s back in the day, before I cut all my hair off.

I am not sure which is worse my handwriting or spelling, both are truly awful. 

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